God's Love


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An Ecumenical Non-Denomination Ministry

making the world a better place by co-creating with the Creator & being in Balance with Creation

peace through collective prosperity - prosperity through collaboration



God's Love is US is a new ecumenical based ministry that is actively involved in bringing about Renaissance 2.0 that supports projects, innovation, and the integration of the arts in order to glorify the Creator and all of Creation in support of everyone having the opportunity to fulfill one's Purpose as written in the Books in Heaven.


our projects

See the projects we are collaborating on and our unique worldwide reach through strategic partnerships with innovators, ministries, and artisans.  Participate in projects that rest on the foundation of morals and ethics that are in alignment with the harmony and balance with the Divine Will of the Creator.  Through cooperation and integration of our inventions we can make an evolutionary jump for Humanity and its ability to achieve greatness.