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word art of god's love is

Our Birthright of Abundance through the Love of God for His Children Prayer

Father in Heaven, Judge of the Court of Heaven, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth as Lord and Mediator in the affairs of the Court, I and We declare for all of Humanity that WE ARE an expression of, and have claim to, the unlimited abundance by Your Covenant with all of Your Children present, past, and in the future.


We repent for our sins, and the sins of Humanity, and ask forgiveness of our sins by the blood of Jesus Christ. I ask the Court to deliver Justice and return to all of Humanity in All Time that which has been stolen by Satan and his minions in all dimensions.


Father Judge we bear witness to all the crimes of deception that have been committed against Your Children throughout history which have kept the Saints, martyrs, and souls in limbo from fulfilling their Divine Purpose as written in the Book of Heaven and within the DNA of Mankind.  We ask that the Court open these books including the Books of the Purpose of Nations and the Earth Herself.  We ask for all these Purposes to be read to the Court and entered as evidence with an itemization of all aspects of Purpose that has been denied and stolen through the actions of Satan and his minions.  We ask the Court to make visible, and accessible to all your expressions of I AM, the Divine Content of Purpose as written in the Books of Heaven and within our DNA.


We bring forth as witnesses ourselves (the I AM within all individuals which has dominion and authority to bring forth the following claims), our bloodline, and all the righteous that have gone before us, to testify and bear witness to the Fraud being committed by Satan and His Minions using false promises, lying, deception and illusion to shackle and enslave your Children, denying them and us our Birthright of Purpose and direct access to your Love and Abundant Gifts.  He is a thief that has stolen the most precious asset of our Birthright of Divine Purpose. We ask that these falsehoods be forever bound and destroyed in all of their representations including contracts and false covenants with Satan and his minions in all forms whether written, verbal, or through blood sacrifice of the innocent.


We ask that Satan and his minions in all dimensions be bound and that the truth of their deception be loose and revealed to the Court and to all of Mankind in the All Time. We ask the court issue an injunction against Satan and his minions in all dimension to cease and desist all false accusations against your Children; and to cease and desist in entering into any further contracts with any part of Your Creation.


We ask the Court to bind the blood money assets acquired by Satan and his minions through perpetrating this massive fraud against your Children and Creation.  We ask the court to destroy the energy surrounding blood money, and Mystery Babylon Financial System, such that it forever loose the soul of Humanity to do your Will on Earth as in Heaven in accordance to each Purpose as written in Heaven.  We ask the Court of Heaven to render judgement that returns all that Satan and his minions have stolen, like thieves in the night, along with damages and reparations to right the wrong of the crime that has been committed against Your Divine Creation.  We ask that the Court instruct, under the penalty of perjury, Satan and his minions to come forth and confess the truth about their deception and fraud to all of Humanity using all available media for the dissemination of information, in order to commence righting the wrong that has been committed.


We ask this Court, through the blood of Jesus Christ, to bind the demonic curse of money as a tool of power and enslavement, and to let loose Divine Alchemy of new infinite abundant funds to be released in the NOW that embodies your omnipotent LOVE, making it possible for unlimited expression of Your Purpose expressed by all of Your Creation. We ask the Court to release unlimited financial abundance as a resource NOW in order to glorify You the Creator of All that is seen and unseen through resting within your Mind and Heart to imagine in Heaven on Earth in fulfillment of Purpose of all souls present, past, future, bloodline relations, Saints, martyrs, and Heavenly Hosts.


We ask the Court to rule in our favor and bring forth Justice against All that have been harmed by Satan and his minions, in the name of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice of His Blood for all of Mankind.