Adjudicating Perpetrators of Criminal Pollution Prayer


We ask you join us in praying the following prayer.  God will hear this prayer and it will feed you with spiritual food of the presence of the Holy Spirit.


When we use the word pollution we mean all forms of pollution that is destroying the natural balance and harmony of God's Creation through toxicity at every level such as: environmental pollution (e.g. land, water, air, space) from fertilizers, pesticides, plastics, space junk, Chemtrails, weather modification, HAARP, chemical and oil spills, dirty manufacturing, toxic materials dumping, dirty energy, nuclear waste, etc.; pollution from warfare (e.g. chemical weapons, spent nuclear, landmines, etc.); chemical pollution that is destroying the health of mankind's mind, body, and spirit (e.g. drugs, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, GMO foods, food additives, processed foods, etc.); frequency pollution of the airwaves (e.g. smart meters, cell phones, WIFI, high tension wires, etc.); technology and Internet pollution (e.g. chips in the brain, trans human agenda, spyware, malware, technology facilitated delivery of child pornography, porn, terror attacks, human trafficking, etc.); mass media pollution (e.g. propaganda, fake news, mind control, explicit sex and violence, inciting violence, fear porn, intimidation etc.); political and governance pollution (e.g. blackmail, bribery, extortion, intimidation, pedophilia, human and organ trafficking, etc.) ; spiritual pollution (etc. satanic rituals, child sacrifices, false prophets, money centric religious leaders and institutions, etc.); financial pollution (e.g. usury, money laundering, theft, insurance scam, credit card companies, mortgage fraud, pyramid schemes, etc.); education pollution (e.g. propagandized curricula, transgender and homosexual indoctrination of young children, junk science, social engineering, etc.).


When we use the word Perpetrators of Criminal Pollution (PoCP) we mean Institutions, Organizations, and Individuals participating in deliberately polluting the Planet and the mind, body, and spirit of Mankind.  Entities that are intentionally criminally polluting include the following as examples:  National and International Government agencies (e.g. DoD, CDC, FDA, EPA, etc.); Pharmaceuticals (e.g. Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Klein, AstraZeneca, etc.); Oil Companies (e.g. BP, Exxon Mobile, Shell, etc.); Technology Companies (Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Amazon, Tesla, AT&T, Verizon, etc.) ; NGOs especially those tied to George Soros; Non-Profits; GMO producers (e.g. Monsanto, University R&D, government labs and initiatives, etc.); Chemical Companies (etc. Dow Chemical, Monsanto; R&D groups and Education Institutions (e.g. Berkley, Stanford, Rand Corporation, Singularity, etc.); Financial Institutions (e.g. JP Morgan Chase, Federal Reserve, central banks around the world, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, stock markets, etc.); Media (e.g. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Disney, Paramount, BBC, New York Time, Washington Post, Politico, and all in entertainment that pervert the intended perfection of the Creator, etc.).




Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, Judge of the Criminal and Universal Court of Heaven, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth mediator of this Court.  We repent for any ways in which we have knowingly or unknowingly participated in any of these pollutions.  We repent for how our ancestors have been responsible for either participating or creating these pollutions.  We repent for trying to solve these problems with anger and other soulish solutions. etc. We come to you in all humility, acknowledging how we, and our ancestors, have rebelled against you by our sinful behaviors.   We seek your forgiveness, because you alone have power to forgive through Jesus Christ.  We thank you for what you did for us on the cross. We forgive the Perpetrators of Criminal Pollution for the evil conspired against us, against the Earth and against Jesus Christ the Anointed One, our Messiah.  We forgive ourselves for how we have had any part in this pollution against Your Creation. 


We bring forth to The Court of Heaven a class action suit against the Perpetrators of Criminal Pollution.  We as a class represent all of Mankind, sentient life on the Planet, the Planet herself, and all of Creation in alignment with the Creator. We bring witness and evidence of this Criminal Pollution. All of Mankind, and Creation has been subjected to, effected by, and harmed by this toxic all-pervasive pollution.  We ask the that Angels of the Court bring forth, and enter with the Clerk of the Court of Heaven, the details of these crimes of pollution and the individuals, multi-dimensional entities, Satanic forces, that deliberately participated in these crimes against Humanity and all of Creation.   


We ask this Court of Heaven to unmask, and be made public, who is behind these acts of toxic pollution against God's Creation, the funding sources, the propagandists, the media outlets, the politicians, and any and all individuals, government entities, and corporate sponsors that are committing these crimes of pollution.  We ask this Court of Heaven to make public the magnitude of these crimes for all to bear witness.


We ask the Court of Heaven to bind all the criminal participants along with the toxic pollutants from every aspect of Your Creation; and, to eliminate both aspects from the Planet. We ask the Court to loose all of the suppressed technologies, and solutions, that restores Your Creation to its pristine nature of harmony and balance. We ask the Court of Heaven to also loose all of the financial abundance that allows these solutions to be implemented that provide alternatives to the present toxic polluting industries and technologies. We ask the Court of Heaven to bring forth the necessary protection for the leaders and inventors that are participating in restoring Creation.


We repent of our unrighteous judgements against all people we know.  We acknowledge you Almighty God as the righteous Judge; and, commit all those we forgive to you the Judge to adjudicated the crimes committed through criminal pollution, and to those who have been given this responsibility.


We ask God, and the Court of Heaven, show mercy for the Perpetrators of Criminal Pollution that repent. 


We command in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, every spirit which is not of Jesus Christ to leave us quickly and quietly as we bless.  Also, we request you fill us with the presence of the Holy Spirit as we bless.



Blessed be God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.



Bless my soul from whom all blessings come.



Bless our government officials and bless the Cabal Terrorists and those who would cause us, and humanity, harm with the good will of Jesus Christ. 




Bless, bless, bless...