Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, Judge of the Court of Heaven, and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth mediator of this Court, we bring before this Court a class action suit that represents all of Customers of Companies that endeavor to install smart meters  against the Defendants: Satan and his minions in all dimensions that are physical and non-physical; Luciferian and his cult members; any and all beings that have enslaved Human souls and made them, through fraud, participate in a continuous cycle of evil and perpetual treadmill of scarcity and enslavement.



Almighty God, we come to you acknowledging our sinfulness and through confession we receive the forgiveness and cleansing provided by Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us.  We come boldly to the throne of grace for our personal need and as a class action suit regarding a criminal action against us, by Pacific Power.  There is no appeal for criminal activity.



The company Pacific Power intends to install smart meters in proximity to our houses on false pretenses that it will save them money and save us money.



It is false because:

  1. It is already being reported that after installation of smart meters that bills have risen, not stayed even or gone down.
  2. The present analogue meters operate almost flawlessly and have proved reliable.
  3. The expense of installing the meters could be invested and used to pay for meter readers.
  4. Or They could easily ask us to read our own meter.
  5. They say it will help them protect the grid in an emergency. This is not true, by going digital they open the grid to more hackers.
  6. They are not acknowledging that they are intending to make additional money from data collected by smart meters, which they plan to sell.



Bearing false information is a criminal offense.



The company Pacific Power intends to install smart meters in proximity to our houses without consideration of the health implications on humans, birds and animals. Scientists have attested to smart meters having a detrimental effect on health.  Since you know the biology and do not have to rely upon human scientists, we ask you to discern according to your knowledge that Pacific Power is attacking our health by this technology.  We raise this as the primary criminal activity of Pacific Power and ask you rule upon this evidence.



Pacific Power is by installing smart meters are invading our personal privacy which is considered a human right.  They go further by endeavoring to profit from selling this information.  They profit from violating our basic human right, this is also criminal.



Pacific Power is exercising extortion of the poor to intimidate families to accept the smart meters.  They want to charge $137 to install alternative meters to the smart meters for those who want to opt out.  They also, are charging $36 per month.  (Note, this amount has gone up since the last notice.)  Richer families could absorb this additional expense, but the poor are made to suffer additional hardship.  We know Almighty God that you are concerned of the wellbeing of the poor and we lift this extortion as another criminal action of Pacific Bell.



We ask you the Judge of the Universe to rule against the company Pacific Power, their complicit directors and complicit managers.  We also ask you to look at any Government officials who have taken a bribe or failed their pledge to protect the people, to also be named in this case.  We ask that you access your knowledge base to ascertain that what we are accusing Pacific Power and people who are complicit is correct.  Also, we know our right and authority to address this court is made possible through the blood of Jesus Christ and we reject any attempts to discredit us on that basis.



We ask you to give these people who are complicit, the directors, managers and government officials the opportunity to repent.  But if they fail to repent, we ask they be judged along with the company.



Since they are involved in criminal activity, Almighty Judge, we expect a favorable and immediate directed verdict.  As a result, we command:

  1. That the company and complicit people will receive exposure for what they are doing.
  2. That they will be financially penalized according to the laws of heaven through a Motion of Liability be served on them and this will not stop until they repent.
  3. That your verdict will have an immediate impact.
  4. That innocent employees and customers of Pacific Power to not be adversely affected by your verdict.
  5. That alternative free energy technologies that have been suppressed by Pacific Power and other energy companies, be released.



Thank you, Your Honor.



We ask this Court to show mercy to those that have participated in creating, and perpetrating, injustices against Mankind, by playing a scripted role, who have repented for the pain and suffering that they caused; and, for those souls that actively seek to right the wrong by writing a new script for the good of Mankind and the planet.


We ask the above in the name of Jesus Christ.


In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Satan you have been exposed for inflicting these cycles of evil.  No more false flags, no more attempts at starting WWIII. 


We request Father God, fill us with the presence of the Holy Spirit as we bless.  As we bless we claim your word which says: “God did not give us a Spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1: 7


Blessed be God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Bless my soul from whom all blessings come.


Bless our government officials and bless the Cabal and those who would cause us, and humanity, harm with the good will of Jesus Christ.   

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