TDA Release Prayer


We ask you join us in praying the following prayer (read it out loud).  God will hear and answer this prayer.  It will feed your soul with spiritual food of the presence of the Holy Spirit.




Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, Judge of the Court of Heaven, Treasurer of the Treasury of Heaven where all resource abundance originates, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth mediator of the Court and Treasury Secretary of the Treasury, we bring before this court a class action suit that represents all of Mankind against Satan, his minions in all dimensions that are physical and non-physical, Cabal Banksters and all who participate, wittingly and unwittingly, in foisting the Mystery Babylon financial enslavement system on all of Humanity. We ask for forgiveness of our sins, and the sins of our blood ancestry past, present and future that have offended you God in our rebellion against you in violation of the Laws in Heaven.


We ask the Court of Heaven to loose our birthright of unlimited abundance, including financial abundance.  At present, we need financial abundance in order to fulfill our purpose as written in the Books in Heaven and within our DNA.  We have not been able to act on our birthright of the unfettered ability to express our creativity, as a co-Creator, with the you Creator, because we have been enslaved by a Babylonian financial system that enslaved every living person through a system of debt that cannot be repaid.  Debt will never be able to pay off debt.  It only furthers the accumulation of more debt.


We acknowledge that you allowed Mystery Babylon to arise and take unGodly rule over us as a means of correcting us to live Godly and righteous lives.  We thank you for the discipline.  However, we also know that you have now taken this governing right from Mystery Babylon as their time has expired.  We witness to the fact that they have abused their power by use of financial debt and causing us unnecessary suffering.


We bear witness, and bring to the Court of Heaven the suffering that has been endured by Humanity because of the financial fraud that has been committed.  The New Covenant with you God asserts, through the crucifixion of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that ALL DEBT, including financial debt, is paid in full.  For over 2000 years the Cabal has violated this Sacred Covenant and has continued to enslave all of Mankind through the Mystery Babylon financial debt enslavement system.  We ask the Heavens to bind the Babylonian debt-based financial system and eradicate it from all of Creation.


We bring before to this Heavenly Court the claim that Satan and his minion followers have committed fraud through the theft of our individual copyright as flesh and blood individuals.  They have stolen our birthright, of being granted the unalienable right, from you the Creator, to exercise the unfettered agency of free-will; and collateralized our unlimited value based on our purpose as written in the Books in Heaven and in our DNA. We bear witness that Mankind as collateral has been monetized, and traded, as a commodity, which has allowed Satan, his minions, the Banksters such as the Federal Reserve, other Central Banks, and Babylonian financial institutions that create money out of thin air through fraud in order to lavishly financially enrich themselves at the expense of Humanity, which suffers under the yoke of massive debt oppression.


Theft of copyright is one of the oldest fraud claims, which we assert NOW in this proceeding and ask for justice to be served by awarding damages and punitive damages to the Plaintiff, Mankind. We bring to the Court’s attention the Lanham Act which we collectively assert here in this Court of Heaven as our legal basis for consideration and adjudication. The Lanham Act awards to the Plaintiff all of the financial gains that were accrued in perpetrating the fraud, through the theft of our copyright, along with an automatic treble damage. 


Given that the financial value of our birthright is unlimited, we ask the Treasury of Heaven to loose unlimited financial abundance to everyone seeking restitution as a result of this fraud. We ask the Treasury of Heaven to bind, and eliminate, any requirement to show rightful ownership of the accounts that have amassed these financial assets using our copyright through our uppercase strawman name, social security, and other identifiers.  We ask, and assert with the Court of Heaven, that no proof of ownership is needed because all birthrights, and copyrights, of every individual has been stolen and used through fraudulent conveyance. We ask that this financial abundance be loose from the Treasury of Heaven, and its Earthly counterpart, unencumbered and unrestricted in its use and application for allowing everyone to fulfill their Divine purpose and birthright.  We ask that the process for accessing be made clear and simple by the Treasury officials and that all fear is removed for those who access the Treasury Direct Accounts.


There is no defense for fraud. As such, Satan and his minions, have no legal basis for a counter argument that justifies any further actions, legal or otherwise, that are blocking access to unlimited financial resources for anyone seeking remedy as a result of the financial fraud resulting from the theft of our copyright. We ask for a swift verdict and that justice be served through the immediate financial awards to the Plaintiff, all of Mankind. We ask that the Court of Heaven bind all individuals and entities who have wittingly, and unwittingly, participated in perpetrating this fraud and to remove their authority, and ability, to continue with this fraud.  We ask the Court of Heaven to bind the Babylonian debt Finance System, and any derivatives and eradicate their existence from all of Creation.


We ask that you bring to judgment those who do not repent from participating in this fraud.  We acknowledge you are a just and merciful judge and that you alone have the right to decide verdicts.


We ask the Court to make public the details of the financial fraud that has been perpetrated against Mankind; along with unmasking the individuals and institutions that are involved in this massive theft of copyright and fraudulent conveyance of our birthright.  We ask the court to also bind, identify and unmask all of the trolls that have been engaging in fear pornography with the explicit intent of scaring people from accessing their accounts that contain unlimited financial abundance which all of Mankind rightfully owns.


We ask you prevent attempts to cover up the fraud by any means.  One method they have used is by implying that the release of our TDA’s are merely for helping those who do not participate in the RV. We ask that you loose the communication of the information that the TDA is the birthright of every individual.


We forgive and bless the Cabal Banksters because without their actions and crimes we could not have had enough of Humanity awaken in order to take legal action with the appropriate Courts of Heaven to be adjudicated and to have the will to do Your Will in making it possible to bring about a Renaissance that explores the totality of the Human Potential to glorify you God.


We ask the above in the name of Jesus Christ.


We command in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, every spirit which is not of Jesus Christ to leave us quickly and quietly as we bless.  Also, we request you fill us with the presence of the Holy Spirit as we bless and be healed from the afflictions and wounds that resulted from the above crimes. 


Blessed be God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Bless my soul from whom all blessings come.


Bless our government officials and bless the Cabal and those who would cause us, and humanity, harm with the good will of Jesus Christ.   


Bless, bless, bless...