Teach & Co-Create

The biggest asset of Mankind is acquired knowledge and expertise.  No gift has greater value than  to share it with someone who will treasure and use it for the LOVE of it.  We are discovering that obstacles can be overcome by taking our prayers to the Court of Heaven and removing legal authority by Satan and his minions to interfere in living life to the fullest and with abundance.  We are about to enter a new Renaissance period.  As such, we can ask to co-create with the Creator to truly bring forth our Purpose as written in the Books of Heaven and within our DNA.


Ministry & Community

We are bringing forth advanced communication technology that protects privacy.  In addition, we are creating communities of scientists, inventors, artists, film makers, entrepreneurs, teachers, spiritual leaders, and researchers in support of collaborating on projects around the world where we empower communities to be self-sufficient.  A key aspect of empowerment is the transfer of know-how that allows people around the world to express their creativity to the fullest.  The knowledge-base is doubling every 12 months.  Quantum leaps can be made if this vast expansion of knowledge can be harnessed.  We are committed to making it possible for anyone to have access to vast stores of knowledge.

Tools to unleash Creative Expression

Technology is allowing us to express our creativity with the near talent of a savant.  Inspiration can be cultivated by being one with the mind and heart of the Creator.  We are focused on developing tools and technologies through the ministry that are used to express creativity as an individual or as a group.  Our technologies bring together the arts, sciences, and philosophy in order to bring about a massive evolution in mankind and its endeavors.


Exploring what has never been done

It is impossible to solve the problems we face today from the position and technology that created the problem.  We LOVE going out of the box and exploring new options and possibilities.  Together we all have a piece of implementing holistic grand solutions that:  preserves cultural integrity;  ensures that technology is in harmony with nature; restores the pristine nature of the Planet; and, brings about abundance for everyone by creating unlimited opportunities.