scales of justice

Divine Justice Prayer


We ask you join us in praying the following prayer (read it out loud).  God will hear and answer this prayer.  It will feed your soul with spiritual food of the presence of the Holy Spirit.




Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, Judge of the Court of Heaven, and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth mediator of the Court, we bring before this Court a class action suit that represents all of Mankind against: Satan and his minions in all dimensions that are physical and non-physical; Cabal, Deep State actors, career politicians, Attorney's General, district attorneys, Justice Departments,  judiciary systems at all levels, international judiciary systems and their officials in the Hauge and the United Nations;  Internal Revenue Services and their legal representations, and their equivalency in all countries;  corrupt lawyers and district attorneys and all those that are task with defending the truth and protecting the innocent; corrupt lawmakers and law enforcement officials; and all those who participate, wittingly and unwittingly, in foisting a corrupt judicial/legal system, their verdicts, and unjust punishments, on all of Mankind.   


We repent for our sins, particularly, injustices that we have imposed on others.  We ask for forgiveness of our sins, and the sins of our blood ancestry past, present and future that have offended you God in our rebellion against you in violation of the Laws of Heaven. We ask for mercy for those deeds that we have wittingly, and unwittingly, done that have violated Your Laws that have caused pain and suffering to ourselves and others.


We bear witness, and bring to the Court of Heaven the suffering that has been endured by Humanity because of an unjust, inhumane, earthly judicial system that allows, condones, and sanctions: gross injustices through the legal system; malicious intent to inflict pain and suffering; abuse of process and power; treason and sedition through attempts to overthrow the President and the Constitutional Republic; protects the guilty while punishing the innocent; permits individuals to financially enrich themselves at the expense of people unjustly accused of crimes that they did not commit or that are against the Laws of Heaven; war crimes and crimes against humanity; creating laws that protect the guilty; criminalizes actions where there is no injured party or property damage; and, ALL injustices that violate Natural Law.


The New Covenant with you God is written in our hearts.  We acknowledge from the Divine innate knowingness that flows from the Holy Spirit, that it is above as it is mandated below as a manifestation of Your perfection and harmony. From this position of fact, we assert our claim that the Laws of Heaven, and the rules of the Court of Heaven, apply in full force to the Judicial Systems of Earth.


We bring to the attention of the Court, that the earthly courts contradict Universal and Natural Law, which goes against your Will.  We ask the Court of Heaven to bind the earthly legal and judicial system including Admiralty and Maritime Law which does not apply to flesh and blood human beings that are the vessel of the soul; and, to eliminate them from all of Creation. 


We ask the Court of Heaven to loose and bring into our reality the Judicial System of Heaven as embodied in Natural, Common, and Universal Law. Under Almighty God's Justice System made manifested throughout Creation, we ask that the Court of Heaven to bind, and remove from power, all individuals and beings that oppose God's Justice System, and all who are violating the Divine Laws of Heaven.


We ask the Court of Heaven to immediately rule in favor of the Plaintiff, Mankind, and to loose the remedy that makes right the injustices that have been foisted on Your Creation.  We ask this Court to have justice served, and render judgement, against those that have perpetrated gross injustices that have gone unpunished and even rewarded.


We forgive and bless all of the entities, people, and actors that have perpetrated gross injustices against Humanity based on corruption and malice because without their actions and crimes we could not have had enough of Humanity awaken in order to take legal action with the appropriate Courts of Heaven to be adjudicated and to have the will to do Your Will in making it possible to bring about the resurrection and life of Mankind that explores the totality of the Human Potential to glorify you God.


We ask this Court to show mercy to those that have participated in creating, and perpetrating, injustices against Mankind who have repented for the pain and suffering that they caused; and, for those souls that actively seek to right the wrong.


We ask the above in the name of Jesus Christ.


We command in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, every spirit which is not of Jesus Christ to leave us quickly and quietly as we bless.  Also, we request you fill us with the presence of the Holy Spirit as we bless and be healed from the afflictions and wounds that resulted from the above crimes. 


Blessed be God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Bless my soul from whom all blessings come.


Bless our government officials and bless the Cabal and those who would cause us, and humanity, harm with the good will of Jesus Christ.   


Bless, bless, bless...