Ode to JOY

Gratitude and Joy Prayer


Our Father who art in Heaven, with great humility, we weep with joy and thank you for liberating us from the abject evil that has ruled this beautiful planet and has defiled the pristine nature of your Creation.  We thank you for binding Satan, his minions (e.g. Cabal, deep state, pedophiles, human and organ traffickers, drug dealers, banksters, corrupt politicians, terrorists, etc.) and all who are in opposition to the perfection of your Creation and as prophesied casting them into the pit to be sealed for a thousand years.  We thank you for the reign of 1000 years of peace that is now let loose so that all Mankind and sentient life can finally prosper and experience your unlimited grace, mercy, and abundance unfettered.


We come to you in humble gratitude for being alive on this planet at this eternal NOW time in order to partake and experience the beauty of your breathtaking Creation; allowing us to be inspired to achieve greatness in co-creation with you and your Creation to glorify You and your Name, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth your son, who redeemed us from sin and paid the debt in full.   We are eternally grateful for the ultimate sacrifice He made.


Thank you for letting loose the financial abundance needed at the NOW time to bring Heaven on Earth and allowing us the resources to restore your Garden of Eden.


We enter willingly into the New Covenant with you, Almighty God, where you have written it in our hearts.  We rejoice as our heart sings with joy to you Almighty Creator and give thanks that you created us in your image.