Our Mission is an ecumenical and non-denominational Ministry that creates new skills that can be of service to Humanity and the Evironment

Restoring the Garden of Eden - the Divine Purpose of Earth

As Above so Below


Our Prayers to have been traditionally directed to the God the Father.  However, there are other facets to God and his authority.  The prayers on this site are being taken to God the Judge of the Court of Heaven asking for our cases/pleadings to be adjudicated with verdicts and judgements that we can ask action on to be enforce.  The cases contained herein are class action suits on behave of all of Humanity.  We have confirmation that the Court of Heaven has ruled in the favor of Mankind.


In addition, Treason/Sedition has been committed against the Republic of the US and Mankind.  This case has been taken to the Military Tribunal Court of Heaven.


Click the Button to go to the site that is programming our Quantum Reality, in order to, act on the verdict and judgement of the Heavenly Courts in a Spiritually Lawful manner.

QI -Programming QR

God's Love IS.us

God's Love just IS. It is the energy that created everything seen and unseen.  As the Bible states, God is Love. Ultimately that Love is reflected by us in everything we create through our actions, deeds, and innovations.  Our ministry is committed to express God's Love such that through us we grace all of Creation.  This ministry approaches all projects with Passion and for the Love of It and the Love of God.  Love is the missing ingredient, the 5th element that is timeless in its ability to inspire participants and future generations.


God's Love Is Us is the foundation ministry within OPTIAM a Sovereign Cyber Nation that provides advanced infrastructure in support of ministry initiatives.  It establishes the ecclesiastic and moral foundation for projects and innovation within the framework of Internet 3.   OPTIAM provides to God's Love Is Us distribution and technology for the arts, publishing, film making and other technology components that deliver an active ministry that glorifies the Creator.  In addition, it teaches entrepreneurship based on  creating solutions for the Love of God and His Creation mankind and sentient life.