Technology and Data Perfection of the Treasury Direct Accounts Prayer


In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth we ask for prompt, and immediate, attention and remedy from the Technology Administration of Heaven, the Finance Department of Heaven, and its Communication Services.  We ask that what is bound on Earth is bound in Heaven and that which is loose in Heaven be loose on Earth.


We address to the Technology Administration of Heaven, the technology glitches in the full implementation of the Treasury Direct Accounts.  Payments are being made by the Treasury.  The accounts are being updated to a zero balance.  However, within 24 hours the payments are returned and the full debt is restored.  It would seem that there is a missing handshake acknowledgement with the Treasury after the debt is paid to the merchant.  After a lack of confirmation, the Treasury is requesting a return of the transmitted funds, thus, restoring the original balance/debt.  We ask that Tech Angels of Heaven guide the IT staff on Earth to a swift resolution.  In addition, we ask that the Tech Angels of Heaven add their skills and hands in order to restore the integrity of the data that was corrupted as a result of flaws that were discovered by launching the access to the Treasury Direct Funds through the BUREAU OF PUBLIC DEBT.  We bind all of the bugs and flaws and render them inert with no impact on the operation of the protocols or software logic.


We direct the attention of the Finance Department to the imbalance of debt versus payments.  God’s Covenant with Mankind is that the debts are immediately paid in full.   The debt on credit cards and other areas were submitted and paid in full only to discover that the debt returned unpaid with added penalties.  As such, paying the debt yielded more debt which is against the Covenant with God. We ask that the Finance Department of Heaven loose the payment transactions to the individual accounts from where they were submitted in the order they were presented to be paid.


We ask that the Communication Depart of Heaven release the statement to the World that the Treasury Direct Access accounts are valid and must be honored by any vendor dealing with checks and checking accounts as a due course of doing business.  This includes, but is not limited to, companies that offer check printing services, credit card companies, on-line merchants, etc.  We bind all individuals who are ignorant on the TDA who espouse that the TDA is a scam and that it is a felony to access accounts in the Treasury.  We ask that this myth, and fear pornography, be evaporated.  We ask the Heaven’s loose the truth for all to see and to have the choice to participate in the unlimited abundance of the TDA, which is the gateway to the emerging 5D reality.


We thank the Heavens for your help, and request an immediate resolution.  In the name of Jesus Christ.