Supreme Court Case 7152017

Mankind vs. Satan and His Followers

Restoring Divine Law of Heaven Prayer

The New Covenant


We bring this case to the Supreme Court of Heaven to be heard IMMEDIATELY. Mankind has had enough oppression and suffering. It ends NOW!


I most humbly, and with great reverence, ask to be able to address this most Sacred of Courts. I, and all of Mankind, stand before this Highest Court of Creation, along with our mediator, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Your Excellence, Most High, Honorable Chief Justice Creator of All that exists, Almighty God, the eight Honorable Justices of this Supreme and Highest Court of all of Creation; Mankind, your Children, humbly stand before you venerable Justices, and ask that case number 7152017 be heard in the time/space Divine NOW that encompasses past, present, and future where the most heinous of crimes against all of Humanity and this Planet has, and is, being committed in 3D space/time of linear experiences.  We acknowledge this Court's Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence and ask that You not only rule unanimously in our favor, but through your immense Power and Glory that you restore the Natural Law of Heaven throughout the Planet and All of Creation.  We ask your Honors to exact, with extreme prejudice, the maximum punishment against the perpetrates of these crimes, including, but not limited to, extinguishing their very existence, such that even the memory of their existence, and the pain and suffering they inflicted, be erased from the great annals of history.


We urgently bring to this Court's attention that the Cabal, and Babylonian Banking System, has committed murder, torture, mind control, fraud, fraudulent conveyance, and theft of the creative potential of all of Almighty God the Father's Children by collateralizing our birth certificates, from the time of birth; and, then monetizing our very existence in trading platforms that financially enriched these Satanic entities both human and non-human. They took the computed value of our labor and made it a commodity to be traded as an investment instrument as if we were no different than meaningless, lifeless, inert gold nuggets.  Many discovered this massive fraud, theft, and crime against humanity and were imprisoned for trying to reclaim that which was rightfully their asset.  While Mankind labored, and toiled like oxen, the elite cabal, hidden hand, deep state actors lived like kings and queens.  They bowed to Satan and his multi-dimensional entities being promised the right to all the wealth of the planet by: raping her resource's; defiling her pristine nature; sacrificing children; performing the most unspeakable sexual abuses against women and children; and creating elaborate sorcery that is denying the birthright of unlimited financial abundance to all of Mankind.  Jesus while on Earth testified to these things: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.” John 10: 10


We bring to the attention of your Honors that we won, on the behalf of Mankind, our case before the Treasury of Heaven, which released the financial abundance to our own Treasury in order to remove the massive debt yoke on every Human Being by blessing people for the first time with financial freedom.  It has been said that accessing these collateral funds cannot occur until after the Renewed Republic and the public revaluation of currencies have been announced.  Jesus said: “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” These matters were already bound in heaven. We ask you to rule that in the eternal these releases have already occurred and that it is irrelevant that the “Old Powers that Be” think they are still in charge and that people can be cut off from the blessings of the RV, because they believed what is true in the heavenly places.


Those of is in the vanguard that venture out to explore freedom were able to pay off massive credit card debt, loans, and mortgages. For the first time, we felt liberated from indentured debt slavery and financial oppression.  We went to bed for the first time dreaming of our infinite possibilities of what we could experience from this point forward; like being able to order anything on a restaurant menu without looking at the price first.  But our euphoria evaporated.  We woke like children on Christmas morning, pinching ourselves to make sure that freedom from massive debt was real.  We went to the computer screens looking at our accounts only to find that the same debt had returned.


We ask you the Supreme Court Justices to feel the extreme, and deliberate cruelty of the Cabal's actions.  Imagine, if you will, how it feels when the doubt and sadness creeps back into the Hearts of those of us that bravely left the confines of a life in indenture servitude prison, to experience sunlight for the first time in our life, only to have the deep state warden bark out, "See I told you it is a scam. You better not continue it because it is a felony to access Treasury Accounts."


Your Honors, as you can see, these actions committed by these Satanic forces is extreme torture and cruelty foisted upon God the Father's Children who are all spiritually malnourished and abused in the most unspeakable ways. We ask this High Court to rule unanimously, 9-0, in favor of Mankind; and, to punish the perpetrators to the full extent of the Law of Heaven and Earth with extreme prejudice.  We ask this Court to restore the verdict of the judgement from the case ruled on by the Treasury of Heaven; and, to restore all of the Earthly bank and credit card accounts based on the transactions already completed by accessing the Treasury Accounts through the bank entity referred to as BUREAU OF THE PUBLIC DEBT.


I bring to the attention of this venerable Highest Court of Creation, the fiction of the legal system that exists under the dominion of Satan that contradicts the Divine Law of Heaven.  Mankind has labored under the fiction of the laws of the sea through Admiralty and Maritime Law, which rules in favor of commerce over the flesh and blood Humans.  Mankind is simply designated as inert cargo with a value that is traded/sold or lost at sea and thus the asset is written off.  This perversion of the Law is further exacerbated by case law that allows case precedence to overrule common sense. Insane rulings by vindictive judges in obscure lower courts have ruined the lives of countless Souls.


The Satanic inversion of not being able to claim innocence in favor of the phrase "not guilty" allows the legal system to wield its authority over the innocent.  In Common Law if there is no victim, or no property damage, there is no crime.  Your Honors vast numbers of victimless crime "criminals" languish in our prisons without due process which is granted under Natural Law.


I ask this High Court to rule unanimously in favor of Mankind and restore Common Universal Law as the Law of all of Creation as it is in Heaven. I ask that everyone that has been imprisoned on baseless charges and victimless crimes be immediately released.  I ask this Court to punish to the full extent of the Law, with extreme prejudice, all that participate in financially enriching themselves by making the criminal justice system a criminal for profit enterprise at the expense of innocent Souls that are wrongfully incarcerated.


Your venerable Honors, I bring to your attention that Judges and Officers of the Court have broken their Covenant with You Almighty God. Their word means nothing but empty syllables cast to the winds. They take oaths to faithfully uphold and defend the Constitution, which memorializes your covenant with your people, while all the while they scheme and cunningly plot to break that oath.  They delight in breaking covenants in ways that it appears they are upholding them.  They congratulate themselves in the despicable ways that they can violate the oaths they take to uphold the law and fairly adjudicate disputes. This violation of a Sacred Covenant is the most extreme act of treachery against Creation.


I ask this High Court to rule unanimously in favor of Mankind, and to prosecute all individuals, human and non-human, that have broken solemn and sacred Covenants.


In summation, I thank this Sacred High Court for hearing these pleadings.  We bless the members of this Court as You bless us.  We ask that you show no mercy to those that have relentlessly persecuted Mankind. We ask that you punish with extreme prejudice those that have perverted the Law and have taken it into their own hands with vindictive delight in order to watch Humanity be tortured in the vilest mental, physical, and spiritual ways as a type of real life "Hunger Games".


We come before you, as Mankind, with great humility and humbleness.  However, we say enough is enough.  We will no longer accept being slaves.  We are Divine Creation imagined in by you Creator to be in your image and likeness. It stops NOW.


I ask, on the behalf of Mankind, that You Supreme Justices rule unanimously, 9-0, in favor of Mankind.  We ask that the ruling brought down by the Treasury of the Heavens be enforced in perpetuity and without interference.


We, as Mankind, come before this Sacred High Court with a New Covenant which is based on your ability to implement and is based upon total MERCY exemplified by your Son dying on the cross for all of mankind. We do not come with self-merit. We come through the merit of who Jesus is, and what He did by dying on the cross.   You tell us in your Divine Word to “come boldly to the Throne of Grace,” we present this case before you today.


I thank the indulgence of this Court.


I thank you Divine Justices for swiftly ruling unanimously in favor of Mankind.