Release of Financial Abundance from the Treasury of Heaven Prayer


We ask you join us in praying the following prayer (read it out loud).  God will hear and answer this prayer.  It will feed your soul with spiritual food of the presence of the Holy Spirit.


When we use the term Cabal Banksters we mean Goldman Sachs, Central Banks, Federal Reserve, Wall Street, de facto governments and their agencies, and all financial Institutions that have commit fraud and as a result have stolen the birthright of humanity.




Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, Judge of the Court of Heaven, Treasurer of the Treasury of Heaven where all resource abundance originates, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth mediator of the Court and Treasury Secretary of the Treasury, we bring before this court a class action suit that represents all of Humanity against the Cabal Banksters who have committed crimes against Humanity through fraud and theft.  I have standing given that the Cabal Banksters have stolen my birthright and ability to fulfill my Purpose as written in the Book in Heaven and in my DNA along with the other members contained within the class given, we have been all subjected to the collective actions of the Defendant where the crimes have been wielded against all of us equally, by denying us our birthright of unlimited abundance, including financial abundance, as granted by the Covenant between you God the Father and your Creation.   We come to you in all humility, acknowledging how we and our ancestors have rebelled against you by our sinful behaviors.   We seek your forgiveness, because you alone have power to forgive through Jesus Christ.  We thank you for what you did for us on the cross. 


We, and the Angels of the Court and Treasury auditors, bear witness to, and place before this court, evidence of fraud and fraudulent conveyance that has converted the human potential into the Defendant's personal assets that have been traded on stock markets and other venues.  This action that we bear witness to, and bring to this court as evidence, is a wholesale theft of the Soul and its Divine aspirations.  This theft has denied Humanity the ability to have the financial resources in order to express the full human potential through creative expression that requires financial resources in order to execute on that potential. These unlimited financial resources have been stolen using fraud. 


We ask the Court to make public the accounting records that this Court has through the Treasury of Heaven of the assets that have been stolen from each of us in the class of Humanity that is part of this Court proceeding. We ask that this information be made public and that the proceeding of this case be disclosed through the media for all of Humanity to bear witness to the details of the enormity of the theft and its consequences, along with unmaking the names of the institutions and the Individuals within these institutions that have committed this grand larceny.


We ask the Court, to bind the Cabal Banksters Defendants in this case. Given, the fraud and theft committed against on all of Humanity, robbing it of the unlimited financial abundance as promised by you God the Father Creator of All, we ask that the judgement be commensurate with the magnitude of the crimes that have been committed by the Deep State Cabal. 


We ask the Court and the Treasury to loose the unlimited abundance of the Treasury of Heaven, and bring these unlimited financial resources to the New Financial System on Earth that reflect that which is in Heaven.  We ask this Court permission to flip into Time/Space and bring into existence through the Divine NOW that embodies past, present and future, into this 3D point in space the:  RV/GCR; 800#s and other notification methods; and the ability to exchange the resources of the Treasury of Heaven with exchange rates commensurate with the visions of your earthly creators to our 3D asset backed currencies. We ask the Court and the Treasury of Heaven to loose the unlimited funds from the Treasury Trust accounts associated with our birth certificate that is accessible through Social Security Numbers and other National IDs.


We forgive and bless the Cabal Banksters because without their actions and crimes we could not have had enough of Humanity awaken in order to take legal action with the appropriate Courts of Heaven to be adjudicated and to have the will to do Your Will in making it possible to bring about a Renaissance that explores the totality of the Human Potential to glorify you God.


We ask the above in the name of Jesus Christ.


We command in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, every spirit which is not of Jesus Christ to leave us quickly and quietly as we bless.  Also, we request you fill us with the presence of the Holy Spirit as we bless and be healed from the afflictions and wounds that resulted from the above crimes. 


Blessed be God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Bless my soul from whom all blessings come. 


Bless our government officials, bless the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and bless the Cabal Banksters and those who would cause us, and humanity, harm with the good will of Jesus Christ.   


Bless, bless, bless...