Our Work

We celebrate glorifying the Creator and welcome the Holy Spirit which inspires us to achieve greatness in the fulfillment of our Divine Purpose as written in the Books of Heaven and within our DNA.

We are the Resurrection and Life of Mankind.  Let us bring to the Court of Heaven our offering of our first fruit to show the grace, mercy, and abundant love of the Creator.  We offer ourselves as first born and first fruit of mankind to glorify the Father whose name is Hallowed.

We aspire to be pick up the staff of mercy, abundance, and love in order to bring forth projects under the umbrella of ministry that ushers in the the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.   Through this focus we lead by example to establish new forms of commerce that are based on enlightened capitalism that takes the responsibility of stewardship of the planet, its resources, and humanity.  We are entering into an new era of financial abundance that makes it possible to create unlimited opportunities for people to pursue what they love and are passionate about.  Love is the secret ingredient that when combined with inspiration can change the world for the better even against all odds.